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Child and Youth Care Center

The CYCC is registered to accommodate up to 24 young male persons aged 12 to 18 (with possible extension to 21) in need of care in terms of the Children’s Act of 2005 & Regulations.

a) Physical Care: Young persons/ children are given shelter, food, clothes, school uniforms, medical care, protection and upbringing.
b) Social Services: Each young person has an individual developmental plan/ programme with the social worker and the child care worker which includes: – Returning to school (for those who dropped out) – Socialization about norms and values of society, including introduction into the  religion, culture and beliefs. – Individual counseling is also done to undo or unbundle all the burdens / problems the child came into the home with. – Where there is family or relative reconstruction services are given to the family to prepare them for the release of the boys in future.
c) Life Skills: Boys are educated about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, bullying, HIV / Aids, responsible decision making and also about future careers.
d) All the above work is done to prepare the young persons to become responsible future adults and prevent them from living on the streets, using drugs, alcohol, etc. and turning to crime

Early Childhood Development

The Centre runs a pre-school on its premises which caters for 124 children aged 0-6years which meets the requirements of a partial care in line with Children’s Act of 2005 and its regulations. The Preschool is a positive partnership between the organisation and the community. By bringing children in to the pre-school learning take place in a safe and environment. We have integrated modern class room technology to enhance learning and development that is aligned to the forth generation technology.  Reasonable fees are contributed on monthly basis to sustain the Early child hood development services.

Skills development Programmes

Skills development centre:
Thinking about the future of the young persons as they grow (most of them are still young). Skills development in the field of poultry, gardening, carpentry and steel works are included in the centre’s programme. The programme is still in its infancy stages as the management board is looking at the possibility of establishing strategic business and  community partnerships  into this programme towards social empowerment.
Young persons under the care of Ikhaya Lothando will be offered linkages with Sector Education and Training Authorities, Artisan skills development, Apprenticeship, skills development levy and or trade work as informed by their level of competencies in and out of normal main stream schools.

Multi Purpose Centre

The Centre offer multi purpose rental facilities that include a 400 capacity hall, a bakery, workshops and office space


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